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380 Degrees Pepper Sauce

During our travels in 2016, we decided to make pepper sauce in our hotel room to have with our food. How did we come up with a pepper sauce recipe? Well, my mother always made different flavors of pepper sauces for as long as I can remember. Using one of her recipes, we decided to adjust the ingredients and its measurements because we wanted to add our own flare. After experimenting over a few days, we created a pepper sauce which is now known as our “Signature Habanero Pepper Sauce.”


After sharing our experiment with our co-workers, they kept asking for our pepper sauce over the years which we would make in small batches for them from our kitchen… not from the hotel room. In 2020 during the pandemic, we decided to take on our pepper sauce making as our passion project. We enjoy healthy and natural products, and our pepper sauces are no exception. Pepper sauce making has been a part of our family for many generations. While it was only made for personal use before us, we are proud to share these natural and delicious products with you.


In 2021, we had our Signature Habanero Pepper Sauce made by an FDA approved manufacturing facility. This pepper sauce is enjoyed by many and can be found in some grocery stores across South Florida.


Today, we have three flavors of mouth-watering pepper sauces which are all made using fresh ingredients. We use the perfect blend of natural ingredients for our pepper sauces which offers a delicious combination of sweet and spicy flavors.  


We wanted our pepper sauces to deliver excellent flavor and heat without having artificial additives or preservatives while keeping calories low, I mean why not, right?!


380 Degrees Pepper Sauces has: 


- No Artificial Preservatives

- Zero Additives, such as colors or flavors

- Zero Added Sugar

- Zero Calories

- Low Sodium 

380 Degrees pepper sauces is great for anyone who has a fondness for spicy. Add a little or a lot, enjoy it however you like. Never to overpower the natural taste of any food or beverage it is used in, but it will surely kick it up a notch!


Indulge and experience the exquisite taste and versatility of 380 Degrees Pepper Sauces on your favorite foods.

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